Meet the team that leads our movement.

Ben Karuhije - Lead Pastor

Pastor Ben loves Jesus and the Canadian Church. He is a revivalist at heart and believes that God will rebuild the Canadian church in this decade and position it to transform entire cities in the years to come. He lives in Brandon, MB with his wife Sarah, and is responsible for the vision and overall leadership of our movement.

Corey Peters - Executive Director

Corey has been part of Cities Church since 2016. His prophetic insight and managerial talent play an important role in creating and maintaining systems for our movement. He lives in Brandon, MB with his wife Olga, and is responsible for the administration of our movement.

Faith Beswitherick - Assistant Pastor

Faith joined the staff in 2019 and provides pastoral leadership to our Brandon location. Faith has a bachelor’s degree with a major in psychology and is a certified life skills counselor. She lives in Brandon, MB with her husband Scott.

Rebecca Snyman

Photo of Rebecca Snyman

Rebecca is a mother of three (Tobias, Sebastian, and Sarika) and has been part of Cities Church for five years, serving in various roles. As a Pastoral Assistant, she provides support to our Tribe members and leaders, as well as to our volunteer teams.

Nathan Klassen

Photo of Nathan Klassen

Nathan holds a degree in pastoral ministry from Horizon Bible College, and currently works as an Educational Assistant. As a Pastoral Assistant, he helps provide leadership to our Prayer Team, and to various initiatives and departments.

Jonathan Klassen

Photo of Jon Klassen

Jonathan is a graduate of the Brandon University Music School and currently teaches music. He provides leadership and oversight to the worship department of Cities Church and serves on church planting teams. Jon is married to Heather and is a father to two beautiful children, Amelia and Theo.