About Us

Hear the Story, See the Vision, Join the Journey

Our Story

Cities Church was born in prayer. In the fall of 2009, a weekly prayer meeting began with the purpose of praying for revival in the youth, the churches, and the city of Winnipeg. None of those who attended those meetings had any intention of starting a church or launching a movement. But as the Holy Spirit was given room, the prayer meeting eventually outgrew its vision, and the seed of starting a church was planted.

In 2012, after three years of sustained prayer with consistent proofs of the presence of God, a small team led by Pastor Ben Karuhije began the journey of planting a church in Brandon, Manitoba. Through much prayer and fasting, a core team was formed, and a church was born.

On Easter weekend 2017, Cities Church officially launched in Brandon. The grace of God was evident as Jesus saved the lost, raised disciples, and built His church. The new congregation was well on its way to becoming a church that would touch a city when Pastor Ben Karuhije heard a word from God that would transform its identity, and expand its mission.

On a cold Tuesday night in February 2019, Pastor Ben Karuhije announced to the members of Cities Church that God had given him the mission of Cities Church for the next decade; God had given the church a mandate to plant 100 churches, in 100 cities across Canada, each with a mandate to reach 1000 people—and to plant them by the year 2030. There was a mixture of excitement and reverential fear as the church realized that God was inviting them to be part of a massive move of God across Canada.

Cities Church has never been the same. What began as a prayer meeting, then became a local church, has now become a movement. And we have never looked back.

Our Future

We see a movement; apostolic in nature, prophetic in vision, unceasing in prayer, unmatched in zeal, unwavering in love.

We see a multitude of disciples, defined by the message of Jesus, and dedicated to the mission of His Church.

We see a day when the influence of the church guides the future of Canada.

We see a new future for our nation.